Tuesday, 6 June 2017


It is not fair on the English population to accept the behavior of violent jihadists any longer. The Muslims choose to live an isolated indoctrinated life that is not compatible with ours and which is bang up to date for 672AD. They are uneducated using the Quran as their backbone which might be wise to modernize. It is not as if we read and live our lives by the bloodier bits of the Bible or Torah. It is not acceptable and we will fight against it. The Muslims wear clothes that are not compatible with our way of life in England, Scotland and Wales, and are violent and abusive to women and gay men, our population here, The USA and in Europe are attacked regularly. This week is the final straw. It is enough. We will fight back. We are fed up and those that do not want to integrate, they should leave for countries that suit them and be honest. Certainly not take subsidies and live here for our health service etc. They have encouraged our fear of "political correctness" which is nonsense. Katie Hopkins lost her job but Sadiq Kahn has not? They have lived off our fear of being accused of racism but enough is enough. A Muslim of this sort cannot be welcome in this country. Take off the burka, take off the Hajib, take off the Nihab, show your face and join in or get out. They have had support, they have had our money for education and help. Let's wake up and know that a "Fox is in the chicken house"

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