Thursday, 18 May 2017

SUCCESS IS A DIRTY WORD: I say "Take a walk on the wild side"

I am selling my house in Palm Springs and if you want to be given a continual headache have more than one house, have it in California when you actually live in London. American's love paperwork so beware,  try going home when you are no longer in love with the lifestyle and fake boho, you could have a nervous breakdown with Escrow.
I would rather buy art. So with this idea I decide to go to Venice for the week end to see the Damien Hirst show which opened a few weeks ago at the Palazzo Grassi and also pop into a few other Palazzo's to view this years Biennale. I will leave the countries in the Garden until next time.
The art world is prickly. I sat at a table and listened to people discussing whether Damien Hirst's exhibition was better than Paul McCarthy? Personally I would prefer any day a bronze of a broken Aphrodite and a huge very male statue of Pereus to a vomiting SnowWhite or a huge green Butt plug as a tree. Both artists joke and I love this, but Butt plugs are not for me. Damien always has humour mixed with extravagance, and this is an incredible show that is beautiful and like a Hollywood Blockbuster.  You will see humour and thought, comments about the myths, the Eygptian's,  Budda, green jade made to look fake, the art world, history and I loved it. I notice people prefer failure, anybody who is successful get's a flogging. "Success" is a dirty word.

This is no more obvious than in politics. I am sorry I like people doing well and I hate crooked people.  I like honesty, the honesty of a Headmistress over a man who is really a Communist, who wants to embrace failure rather than success.  On another note,  I say for every refugee coming to the UK bring in a rich one too..Rich in mind, body and spirit. They can pay for the poor one.
For heavens sake don't be popular and well liked.
As for Trump the revolting way he has been treated and pushed about is disturbing.  I am not a fan of the hair or the orange face but the Russians and Fake News, to cover Pizzagate, Julian Assange leaks, Seth Rich, Vincent Foster,  Benghazi, the Podesta emails, Loretta Lynch, The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal, The Clinton Foundation, Haitians and so much more, is repellent and worrying.  "The Fake News" from huge organizations owned by the Illuminati, The Press and many Democrats is a terrible reflection on society and democracy,Trump himself get's the blame, his only stupidity is wanting to dream of making "America Great Again" The only other person to be like this was Kennedy who got shot. Keep safe President Trump you won the Democrats should get over it. Whatever side you are on the political world is so very sick, nothing has changed. SuperTramp sings an appropriate song. Alex Jones speaks about Trump.  Life goes on.  I say investigate everything Mr President, you will no doubt find the C's embroiled in all behind the scenes activities, be brave be calm. Why on earth fifty percent of America wanted Mrs Clinton heaven knows. It's not about left or right its about honesty and integrity. The position of the President has become very murky indeed. It is explained beautifully by the outrageous Roger Stone in "Get Me Roger Stone" On another note it is well known that anybody at anytime can listen to anybody's conversations whenever they choose with the right equipment. Famous or not everybody faces that risk. So what's the news?
The deplorable population need to stand up and speak up. They voted for that. I say "Drain the swamp" before its too late.
Now I am  off to the Beach Boys who will lift my spirits and remind me there is still hope for America, success and ethics. I may also listen tonight before falling asleep to Lou Reed's Take a walk on the wild side.. A brilliant song that now apparently is not so politically correct, actually thank goodness it never was.. sleep well.

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