Friday, 26 May 2017


It's okay to have the @ISIS flag hanging out of a window and not okay to have poor choice of words from the controversial Katy Hopkins, who loses her job... Goodness what is world coming to? Freedom of speech? Why is it okay for Muslims to say "Kill the police" in a video in Luton. Lunacy and poor England and especially Manchester at the moment. This of course is not all Muslims but a few ruin it for everybody else.. The sick attitude has to change. Simply kick out the Muslims that are radicalized? Why should they remain on our system for the tax payers to pay for? But of course there is no welfare system in the Middle East. If you behave like this you get hung drawn and quartered there. Why is "Sharia Law" which the Muslims so adhere to, not sorting this out? If they want to join ISIS stay in the Middle East there are plenty that would agree with them.
Why are we allowing people back when they have been fighting against us? It's not right or left wing it is common sense? It is not racist to not be wild about those that don't like us? Come on, stop political correctness and change the status quo. What will England be like in 20 years time? Fine we are multi cultural but the people have to like us to be here and abide by our standards and rules not theirs,surely. Why are the Mulla's not sorting this out and why anyway in 2017 are they not sifting the bloodthirsty Quran as we do the bloodier bits of the Bible and the Torah. These are outdated ways to live our lives surely we could be all much more intelligent than follow rhetoric written 1599 years ago?

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