Wednesday, 10 May 2017


As my birthday arrives,  I think my goodness, I had better work at being pure, perhaps go into religion?.  I received a birthday card saying "I think we need to get you a new hobby that doesn't involve penises" It is thought provoking and I was thinking, in a more delicate way, just the same thing.  I have thought about boys since seven years old so it could be tricky to change? Sex and the aging body is a combination  I dislike, I am a perfectionist.  I would rather make love in a candle lit room and not face harsh light of reality. The walk of shame this morning, despite being fun, has somehow lost its allure but at least I have a sense of humour as I crept out of my lovers house with just a pair of high healed shoes and my make up case at 7am. I wish now at this grand age that I had qualified as a Judge, a politician or a theatre director.  look in the mirror and see my fourteen year old self and often see the old wise woman.
Politicians have no qualifications ypee.
I talk about sex in secret nowadays, one of my best friends said to me "Nobody makes love after being with somebody for ten years. The conversation between friends is about the necessity of Magnesium and Vitamin D, Botox and an Eye lift, or whether to arrange a second facelift. I am constantly bathing to avoid the old age smell, using a product called "Mirai" to eradicate everything I dislike especially Nonenal the smell of old age.

My friends relationships look solid enough but when anybody leaves their husband after 55 they looked at with pity followed by whispers  "perhaps they need to 'see' somebody"  I am still living the divorcee life of a 45 year old with all its complications. Despite having two sons,  I seem to accumulate at least one more daughter a year. The girl behind me says"That is not true you only have me" I say well I have Lish and Lara and she turns and says"They are your cousins"
I am surrounded with youth and it is fabulous. I am lucky.
Am I too old for Fashion?  Never, I will always wear a mini skirt and red lipstick, I will always diet and I promise you one thing you never see a shabby year of the rat. Despite criticism I do not care.

The older generation seem to have slipped away from society hiding their flabby arms. I am now happiest on a cruise or at the Mayr Clinic. I am not quite ready for  'The Sunny Vale' as a friend addresses old peoples homes, but I do like an institution. They are truly addictive.

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