Sunday, 16 October 2016

The truth about the United States, law & YOU (Extended version/more info...
Hillary Clinton, you will be voting for Open borders, Globalisation, corruption, higher taxes,  WAR, Wikileaks scandals. Bribes, Clinton Foundation, ladders of opportunity is how much you give to her, Gangsters, Clinton looting the treasury, last time she had to give back the china to The White House. She does not like religion. Crime and Bill in the next door office but we were sold down the river a long time ago. Terrible reputation, yes terrible, around the world. Chelsea has her hands in the piggy bank too. Look what Clinton's did with Haiti, her past reputation with Vincent Foster, 140 people disappeared, Benghazi, Whitewater, her trashing of others religion, 35,000 emails bleached. You will be on the hook. 20 trillion in debt. Upstate New York. Thirty years of failure. Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment and disbarred for sexual harassment which they then framed Donald with. Hillary's poor health and suspected Parkinsons. Do you seriously want more of this? Hated by Haitians. Famous for drug laundering. Gangster activities. Corrupt Media and Supreme Court. Money stashed away instead of giving to charities. Left wing liberal  intellects love her. Propaganda.


Donald J. Trump offers the opportunity to make America great again, this is his great wish. Greater screening of immigrants, lower taxation, greater security, religious tolerance within the borders. A wall, corruption stopped. Hillary in Jail. Nationalism, building up the army. Had a clean reputation until Mainstream Media killed him. Beautiful well behaved children. popularity with poor America. Liberty, Donald is loved by the people. You have to make a choice. Charm, humor his own wealth. People love him.

Freedom. Corruption within the system exposed and imprisoned.
Main Stream Media exposed and shamed. Paid for his own campaign.
His supposed sexual harassment have now been proved that they were set up's by Clinton campaign.
Robust health a few pounds overweight. His own successful businesses well loved boss. Love of women. Improved schools and police. Anti-drugs, anti-booze.
Beautiful clean Whitehouse with a nice family. Well loved around the world.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Friday, 14 October 2016

There is something so stinky going on. So stinky. People really are blinded. Thank goodness for the brave people out there who say things as they are. Brave journalists at Infowars and Stefan Molyneaux, Hannity. Go for it. New York Times should be ashamed of writing such vitriolic rubbish and the Democratic party are over one way or another. In fact all politics as we know it today is finished and over. They are clearly worried about Trump and they should be, because he should be President. Remember Ronald Reegan?

No way I shall ever be "Compliant" even on my death bed. Deplorable is the way to go. The rest can rely on one thing and that it is Hillary Clinton who likes war, Her country sells America's weapons and she makes money on her backhanders. Hillary then hides this in her Foundation under bogus claims she does a lot for society yet does not help Haiti?  She has shown that it is she who has caused the mess in the Middle East. It was her murky foreign policy. She could have stopped it, she did not. These are facts. America makes a lot of cash manufacturing of missiles/guns, 35 billion a year the largest sales in the world and this was just in 2014 . WW111 is nearly here. "Of course" WIKILEAKS is Russian run. Give us a break, it is a small operation with one of its men locked up in an embassy. As they have a clean record of producing correct material you should read them.
 If there is a war it will be you Hillary  Clinton who started it with Obama. We do have brains and we have always been awake.
I say go with the DEPLORABLE LECHER and REBEL DONALD TRUMP and be BRAVE. If he mucks up we will BE ALLOWED to  scream and shout. 

It's okay for Bill Clinton to rape and commit crimes but not okay for Donald's locker room talk.  The truth is it's not great about either story but at least Donald's is all talk. Since when have you all been prudes, you are mostly up to no good yourselves. 

On a positive intelligent note, it is you the people who should fight Globalisation, war, and the New World Order, which by the way is looking very old fashioned to me, most of the people who are heads of it are now over 70, ready for their old age. Hillary is sick and old and needs her medicine.  It is she, Hillary and her crony's who are racist and xenophobic, talking about blacks, Catholics and anyone that does not agree with her very old fashioned ideas, in fact, all the Liberals are. I have never heard so much intolerance in my life. It is you the Liberal/Democrats that are unkind. It is you who are critical. Enough. No more. 
The press worries about the Kardashians and other stupidities instead of reporting important news. Covering up their misdemeanors with fake stories about Donald Trump. The problem is the stories the Republican's have on the Clinton's are true, well documented and dealt with. 

You people out there start to believe actions, not words.  Wake up. Stop taking the free grass in Los Angeles and smell and DRINK the coffee.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

with so much drama surrounding the American Election this week and the attempted killing of Donald J Trump, I am surprised if anyone can see straight. The Democrats have a nerve, how can Hillary Clinton dare to say terrible things about anyone when she is capable and had thrown a lamp at her husband for his many infidelities, plus the 14 rape charges and general behavior which lead him to be impeached, or nearly impeached and not able to practice law again. How dare she. The double standards of this woman are incredible. I have watched her for years and nothing is sacred. 
I like Donald Trump and I suggest you all wake-up, or don't cry when wars and taxation go too high.
The economy collapses.
Thank goodness for Wikileaks which she is trying to rubbish too. Yes not so clever, however not one mainstream Newspaper has mentioned these documents so you will have to go on line which is infinitely more fun as you meet people like Stefan Molyneux Thank goodness for Wikileaks which she is trying to rubbish too. Yes not so clever, however not one mainstream Newspaper has mentioned these documents so you will have to go on line which is infinitely more fun as you meet people like Stefan Molyneux and the infamous Alex Jones. If you listen to Hillary you would think the latter dangerous but he like a lovely Labrador Puppy with a gun.
In case you can't face opening a Wikileaks account you can listen to Stefan Molyneux's brilliant wit to transpose them which is enclosed here. From them, you discover that the
The Clinton campaign like us to be "Compliant" we are apparently not, we are waking up.

They are worried about Donald J Trump as he has "Kardashian" appeal and could easily beat Hillary , they, therefore, thought it was good to Trash him and make him out to be crazy.  Using not facts but opinion. He always had good press before the election but they now want to make him unsuitable for  becoming President.  They are worried that we the people could fight back. 
So you know the answer, to get your "Freedom" back vote Republican, however, "odd" that sounds, don't lose and give in to the corrupt Clinton's who just want to "MILK" the system and keep you dumbed down. Feeding the large corporations. No fight back. Vote her out.
The Clinton Campaign is also editing the mainstream media, all the newspapers are not telling the truth. Therefore everything you read is not necessarily true. We are living in a word of bubble gum.
The Clinton Campaign get's questions in advance before any interview and are allowed to 
edit too.

In the leaks you discover that the campaign don't like Catholics they because they don't understand differences in gender. wow. They might be less promiscuous. To be a "Democrat"  used to mean you were a member of the unwashed and now means you are brainwashed, from your own party. 
She said in 2015 we could see her emails? Now she changed her mind.
Hillary was advised not to be rude but she cannot help herself, she was advised to  not attack Bernie she looks bad and so on. They are worried about how the Liberal left feel rather than how they think. 
They believed Trump would win. They said they would paint Trump as "reckless and crazy". Perhaps some of you will wake up? Sadly,  this time it is she who appears unfit to rule not the very popular Donald Trump.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Sunday, 9 October 2016

I awoke this morning to a whole lot of abuse on Facebook. Who cares? The problem with Democrats is that they have a "holier than thou" attitude which is enough to make you vomit if you wish to be a floating voter.  Everyone who commented has a worst past than Donald Trump if a neon light was shone upon it, so I wish they would for once shut up and listen and see what is really going on.
Of course,  this week is rough for Trump, his cat out of the box as he salaciously talks about slim women under 35 and pussy fumbling. Hardly the talk of Presidents, however, look at Kennedy he as an icon, and as a married man was hardly virtuous having an affair with someone as attractive as Marilyn Monroe. His past was full of mafia connections yet he tried to do good and in the process got killed. That is before emails and mobile telephones. There is nothing more dangerous as we all know than the last two for indiscretions. Hell to this, why are the mainstream media nagging him and ignoring Hillary. It was okay for American's to be killed in Benghazi and to use him as a punch bag.
So for a sensible minute, this is a bunch of hype, it is a scam. It is about Nationalism and Trump and Hillary and Globalism.  Wakey wakey. He must fight back. My favourite judge speaks out.
  I wrote down a list of plusses and minuses for Clinton and Trump.  There are so few minuses for Trump that I am sorry other than his haircut and a few bankruptcies his tax returns and locker room talk there is hardly anything.
Clinton, on the other hand, has despite her lessons still not got the "it" factor either and her hands in the World's piggybank don't make me feel full of confidence, her endorsement of Senator Byrd from the KKK left me thinking. Despite her many qualifications and support from mainstream media she has seriously mucked it all up. Her ambitions to hit the big time in the Oval Office are obvious but what will she do with Bill? Is he going to be groping in the next door office? Photographed in the Foundation with girls, his rapacious personality continually fed.  It is all so sordid when written down.  What about all her scandals? Her connections are hardly worthy either,  despite covering the whole world, under the surface, there are bubbling stories waiting to get out. The word impeachment is thrown around like confetti. Okay so Bill was not really impeached but boy it was close. Will she be, maybe?  What about her mess in the Middle East, not all her fault entirely,  but she did nothing to appease the situation and just made it all worse. Before you finish killing Donald and making him more popular with the average population why not think properly. Other than joining the Women heads of state around the world is she the right calibre? 
Consider this. 
It is not about whether you like Donald Trump, most men, unfortunately, talk like this about women, and you women know it, stop, being prudish. America is fed on a diet of Kardashian's and Starwars, sex, and money, it is hardly surprising. Obama complained about the Kardashian's and said they should be banned. They seem to forget that it was the Republican's that stopped slavery.
You have Bill Clinton, rapist of 14 women on one side, who has said and done worst things and been up for impeachment. On the other side loudmouth businessman Donald Trump.   I am exhausted from listening and fighting yet Alex Jones continues to support Mr. Trump and all the conspiracy theorists too, hating Hillary and knowing what she has been up to they fight his corner.
Hillary who can barely walk up a staircase and has suspected Parkinson's disease, has been massively indiscreet too, calling the American people idiots. Is she well enough to rule? It is not a beauty treatment. Who is worse? Hillary has done thirty years of illegal and dangerous things towards humanity allowing the bombing of her embassy in Benghazi whilst gossiping with friends as to whether she could make money over there. I am sorry from an outsiders point of view she is completely unreliable. Her emails and his boy's talk don't cancel each other out, she committed treason. One plus, it has been the most exciting race ever. Remember the tape of Hillary laughing at the rapist she got off at the beginning of her career?. The girl was mutilated for life. I think this is far worse. I think it's time that LA looks at the facts thoroughly. You will be voting for a woman who gets funding from the Middle East for The infamous Clinton Foundation, who in turn throw their homosexuals off buildings and burns them in cages. She even has helped create ISIS. Check Wikileaks if you do not believe it.
What about her relationship with her lover/secretary Huma? Huma's mother is the Muslim Brotherhood an extremist Muslim movement and funded too by the most religious Saudi's who are into Wahhabism. I do not care what their supposed relationship is but I do care for America about the closeness to their enemies. Hillary wants to open America's borders.
What about the funding she receives from the Middle East for her foundation? The creating of ISIS who along with Obama, fed them with arms. What about the donations to the Clinton Foundation for Haiti? Where did the money go? Why was it not spent on rebuilding it. Why have Hillary and Bill suddenly got 100 million apiece? Not from their hugely expensive speeches, the finances don't add up. Are they money laundering which has often been mentioned? They did this in their past?
What about Vincent Foster, 35,000 emails, and 90 deaths surrounding them? The Democrats do not want change and will allow thousands to enter the country and thousands of jobs are lost overseas.
On top of this, the Uranium being sold to Russia just about does it for me.
So where to go with all this? Both have good intentions but are they capable of implementing them intelligently with integrity and without creating a nuclear war WW3. It is a crazy time, are they both able to understand the implications that one of them will win and take on. America is on the verge of bankruptcy with 20 billion debt and Donald wants to make it great again? Hillary is on a quest to make him look as ridiculous as possible not from a position of strength. All I know is that my most intelligent friends, the ones that have succeeded in their own right, made their own money are for Trump. Time will tell as usual. Mainstream Media have little to offer except their continual beating of the same drum.
Let's hope this time they talk about what they intend to achieve and stop slagging each other off because none of us are blind or deaf. We need America to be great again. We need it to be stable. We need the economy to be healthy. We need stability worldwide and peace where possible. Let's aim for that?

" Political correctness is the worst thing for democracy" Gore Vidal. He could obviously see this coming.
A blog I love is one by Stanley Weiss.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

The world is a beautiful chaotic place these days and probably always has been. With the elections in the USA days away I watch my friends furiously debate who is good and who is bad. What they don't seem to see is that politicians are mirroring us. There has never been such a controversial pair of people in history. Lying Hillary Clinton versus Trickling Donald Trump.  I have never been one for politically correct ideas. I was blackmailed last week when someone who will remain nameless said "I want you to be liked in Hollywood, why are you voting for Trump" I am not voting I am commenting, I am not interested in being liked.

Scorpion Hillary Clinton in her red Chinese suit, who says anything and does anything she wants, trying to kill Donald Trump, has failed.  The Democrats forgot for  years that the government is meant to represent the people of America but with their dubious dealings, selling arms to Isis, dodgy emails.fighting in the Middle East, terrible connections they forgot about their own people.  Sadly I am disappointed in the very charming Obama fixated on a good game of golf rather than questioning The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton library in which nobody is allowed to know its contents. Then there are loads of  people who seem to be killed if they are too close including the lives lost at Benghazi, Vincent Foster, Whitewater,  Hillary's lies are too funny, she assumes wrongly that everybody is an idiot. Her aggression towards anybody who questions her is comical,  how can we believe her stories? It is rather disappointing that she thinks we do not have access to a computer, we are able to listen to Assange, founder of Wikileaks and his many associates. We are able to watch her being cross-examined We are aware that the main disruption in the Middle East today is due to her. We do remember she voted for the Iraq war.  Have we all forgotten Bill Clinton was impeached?  If the stories about Hillary having Parkinsons are true, why are we not questioning the email that states "What is the medicine for Parkinson's", Clinton could be fingering in the Oval office once more. Aren't we fed up with the Bush's and Clinton's ruling the world? America likes to have its fat fingers in too many pies. As for peacekeeping they are more interested war mongering these days. Never forget Hillary's father was tied up with the Mob in Chicago, Hugh Clinton, hiding behind his drapery business. Even at the Presidential debate, she had to cheat. Either she had some engineering keeping her standing, or she was clearly listening through an illegal ear piece and winking to Lester Holt. Was she a body double as many of the conspiracy theorists believe?. We all know you are desperate for your place in the Whitehouse Hillary, but do you deserve it? Many people believe you should be in jail for her well-publicised misdemeanors. Her comments that anybody who does not support her illegal activities is deplorable and racist. I think she should start clearing out her cupboards first we all have a good memory. Not one conspiracy theorist is on her side, now that is weird. They love controversy, just mainstream media that are paid for by supporters of Clinton.

The manipulation by Mainstream media, funded by large corporations is showing cracks with polls roughly 50/50. Thank goodness people are waking up, questioning what is happening. Thank goodness the honesty of government is allowed to be questioned. They are after all supposedly working for the people, not for themselves feeding their interests. Imagine if money in The Clinton Foundation actually went to help the poor in America/Haiti instead of Private Jets and secrecy?. We must be grateful to sites like Infowars and Molyneux to question what could be going on.

On the other side, we have Donald Trump and his glamorous family, Their ideas and wishes to make America great again. It may be too optimistic, but surely this is more interesting than the dubious salacious and avaricious activities of the elderly ill Clinton's? I know I would prefer  the prettier cleaner Whitehouse. As Donald was a Democrat once surely he can hover and appease those of you that are left wing? Can't you forget his haircut? The fact he is a business man. He is right though to fight the system. Do you want Nationalism which he represents or Globalism that Hillary sells?  Do you want Syrian's living in Detroit which Bill Clinton's suggested?

What if another scenario happened. As they are both controversial, what if they worked together?
 Together at the first debate, they looked like a bickering elderly couple who had been married too long yet perfectly suited to each other They should get married and rule together  because with each of their pluses and deficits are more powerful together. Hillary even appears to be cheating and winking at Lester Holt who also wore an illegal earpiece. What a surprise.

America is becoming worrying and democracy as we wish it to be is in the firing line, anybody who thinks out of the box is slammed.  America is becoming the laughing stock of the rest of the world as Hillary's lies are unravelled, despite the grovelling of those living in Hollywood. The fact is we need a humanitarian balance. it would have been so much more attractive instead of killing Donald, Hillary said, "We supported each other's children, we went to each others wedding, we have worked together, we have known each other for thirty years, I have taken your money,  let's do it again and make America brilliant again? We have together made politics more exciting than any football game. Yes, we are a dodgy pair, but we can do our best. The population has chosen us like at school, they have put the dodgiest ones in power in order to do good things?".
It would give us the population all hope.
Yesterday I went to a woman's tea in a grand house in St, James's. We had a lecture on the Astrological star signs of Clinton and Trump. She as a Scorpio is a killer. She is not good, she is a liar, she is a thief but Trump as a Gemini has a problem too. Although clever and I do prefer him, he has one opinion in the morning and is able to change it by the evening.  They are both colourful and charismatic. They are both dangerous. She is not a sweet grandma in pink and pearls but a wolf in sheep's clothing. Trump is vulgar, ostentatious, outspoken, noisy, but he has beautifully brought up children and intelligent too. He has a stunning wife and as far as we know, not an inclination to have many different mistresses, unlike the lying Bill Clinton. Donald usually, marries the latest. He has Pence, Trump has paid for the election himself with small donations that come from ordinary people, not large donations that Clinton has received from corporations. He also has fans in the UK. He speaks well, he is strong.
I am always inquisitive. I am interested in amazing things. Let's hope both their misdeeds can be put to good use as they move towards the 8th November, it has definitely been the most interesting successful election ever. For goodness sake don't think we don't know what is going on. We do not want WW3, we do not want to be rebuilt from chaos. We do wish to be solid and whatever happens in America directly affects the rest of the world. We do care.

Monday, 19 September 2016

I am beginning to totally love the wildness of London Fashion Week, it has a flamboyance that other towns don't get away with. It is why the best designers came from London, Alexander Mcqueen, Julien Macdonald, David Koma, Pam Hogg, Gareth Pugh, John Galliano, Antonio Berardi and Jasper Conran.  With bigger brands like Burberry stealing the scene.


 There are characters in the Fashion World here that feed the system, wild and glamorous from Winnie to Duggie Fields, from Daniel Lismore to George Blodwell . The shows are a photogenic orgy of colour and eccentricity that Paris and sensible New York simply do not have. Where do I start? What is more, you can have fun and watch all on Instagram at breakneck speed if you feel tired. There are no dull moments. Life is terrific here in London where there is no sign of depression.  Erdem, Pilotto, Beckham and Charlotte Olympia. Where to start and where to finish?. Looking miserable at Belstaff is in fashion, help I love showing my teeth.   Sleep from Elle Magazine is recommended and wash your hair in wine. With girls reporting like Marissa Montgomery, Plum Sykes, and Alice Naylor Leyland, George Blodwell, Victoria Harvey, you are kept to date. From Lou Lou's and chatting sunglasses with gorgeous girls Miss Fox to watching Pam Hoggs and reliving fantasy land in Alice and wonderland with Anita Pallenburg stealing the show and the near nudity of Scarlett Carlos Clarke in next to nothing, in pale pink and blue, with blonde semi Marilyn puff baby hair.


It's good to be alive flitting to one thing to another, getting ready in twenty minutes I managed to put my red lipstick on and a net and hey presto with George.


Wearing my favourite hate by Stephen Jones

It is a fabulous rest from the American Election which is becoming hilarious with Hillary doing fake videos with red and white backgrounds and then people on iphones with totally different views,  and Trump becoming superman on billboards. 
Genlux Magazine loves British Fashion the creativity and flare supporting the journey.

Friday, 16 September 2016

It's good to "fast", to cleanse your body, it's good to feel hunger. I often do it at home or follow the Mayr Clinic in Austria. It clears the system and seems to rejuvenate me.  It feels good to wake up the youth hormone. It makes you think deeply,  awakening your conscience so you are able to see clearly, being a little hungry gives me psychic abilities. I am not suggesting that starving people around the world benefit from hunger but we in the Western fatcat world do. It makes me sharper as hunger creeps in and awakens the thought patterns.

At the same time, I was thinking about politics with all that is going on in the World and in particular the pseudo-left wing.  When you have great holidays but give a little to charity, have champagne, take first and business class tickets, avoid economy.  It is not being poor, it is not being charitable,  it is in actual fact bullshit. The clean left wing ideas are completely different. The real left wing people invariably give up things, people,  and make a place on their own to live out their spartan beliefs, they know that the only thing in life is the power of "breath" that we are all unique.
Sadly you do not necessarily help poverty through contributing to charitable organisations, you actually often help the peoples lifestyle who own it and work for it. They often have dubious credibility and receive large salaries. In fact, charities, on the whole, are very much about  purchasing yourself a halo of self-satisfaction, a social life, a meeting with a President or film stars. Money attracts those type of people. Remember everybody is paid down to the actor or an actress. They hardly ever do it for love. There are exceptions but before your purse opens, think, and check where the money is going. Read their financial reports or just help those that sleep on the streets directly. Of course without charity the Aids Crisis would not have been helped and many worldwide epidemics. This though is not my point in this article. This is about the naughty charities and to wake up the individual donor to check what is actually happening. Are they satisfied that it goes to help the things
that hold their interest?

Money often does not get to those in need and is shockingly inconsistent with those stuffing their faces at a donor's dinner table and paying for balls. It actually helps the social mobility of the donor, in other words, it helps the social climber rather than the impoverished living in a tent of misery. Of course, there are good charities that can be trusted, but often the heads receive huge salaries, for example, the head of the Redcross receives just under £200,000 a year, which as I said before,  is a little unattractive in the circumstances.

I am no better, the same as everybody else.  When I give it's not entirely for the charity, but to receive invitations to parties. The top table. I don't pretend to be necessarily good, I am in fact a right winger with a conscience. Every human has a conscience and I am a little tired of the Left wing assumption that they are the only people who care about anything.

Every religion has a week when you are supposed to consider other people through the pain of not eating. I just like to do it in my own chosen week which is now.

I hope that the world purifies in time. We are definitely putting the world at risk at the moment and it definitely needs real love and charity.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

As the American Election comes upon us, I am planning for the end of the world. I am almost egging it on, it is so much fun to organise.  With the German's being asked to fill out the cellars, clearing their supermarkets buying  appropriate foods, I am getting ready too. Of course, I am beginning to feel I am barking mad, but just in case I now have several cases of tuna fish and corn, a gas heater, some torches that are not torches and I am about to buy a tent.
I have clearly been listening to Alex Jones who is selling nutrients and long lasting grub on his site,  He is infiltrating my thoughts as he has been right over so many things along with David Icke. This pays for his fabulous new reels that entertain me and horrify Hillary Clinton. David Icke said Hillary was not to be trusted in 1992.
I have also been watching one of my favourite films called Soylent Green, which if you don't know is about what happens to an over populated world as we are killed and turned into green slime. We are nearly there so all ideas should be treated with caution.

In order to survive I am planning on renting a house in the country with a garden, or shall I move to New Zealand? 

Theresa May was appointed to start Brexit but also wants to change anything she can. 
Schools do need to change. You can strive for equality but there is ultimately none, let's work with reality not dreams and bring back the grammar school, giving an opportunity to those who are clever enough to have the best education possible. Why do we always have to go to the lowest common denominator? We should strive to be the best we can be and give this education to children that would enjoy it and do well with the advantages. Streaming exists already in schools so what's the problem? For example, my spelling is bad as I did not learn Greek and Latin. I went to an alternative school that loved horses and the arts.  Children, need a well balanced well-structured schooling that also includes the arts.  People are such inverted snobs, saying it is elitist?  With a good education, you can understand life better and be less of a stress on the "system" We could , after all, build the best schools in the poorest areas?
With human beings comes negativity and jealousy, self-destruction is inevitable as we have morals, but why not try giving the best life to our children, an opportunity for  a better and more interesting future.
I was hounded on twitter for suggesting that the Members of Parliament be eloquent. If you wish to put a point across you had better be. The woman in question stumbled over her words as if she had had no education at all. She cleared the house on an important issue.

We should, however,  never forget that many of the world's disasters are sprinkled with the good intentions of a few intellects. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

I always dreaded being a Mother and the only way I became one was when my Mother saw me in the nude one day and said when I was thirty "You know that you have still puppy fat left over from when you were 15" The weight-obsessed interior me who weighs herself at least twice a day,  thought I will get immediately pregnant and get rid of that.  So after nine glorious months of indigestion, belching, sweating, bloating and grumping I gave birth to two perfect sons, or two separate occasions, one who I knew was the next Messiah and the other a physical champion of ideals. That is until they turned round to me now and are horrified at almost all my actions. It is like walking around on a mixture broken glass and egg shells.  I bleed and kvetch.
From having done in mind everything right I am now doing everything wrong. Not being this flexible I find my relationships with them often deteriorating at breakneck speed.  My younger son, from having loathed me when he was born and having lived with his father looks at me as if I am slightly mental and old. I dread smelling old so have bought bottles of this soap by Mirai that will get every whiff of old age nonenal.  I was once told that if you really love somebody you love their smell unless that is it is old, so be clean is a must.  I have been told that the closer the child  has been to you, the further they wish to go away from you.
I do not want to smell like the Sunnyvale nursing home as I get older. I had to leave a home once because I was soaking up the mal odor. It is not unpleasant just that it is old.  Greasy grassy mouldy smell a bit like old books and cooking grease. I want to smell like my middle name is "Danger" still.
I do not want to remind my sons of knitting needles and hospital. Full of bossy ugly self-opinionated bombastic sadistic nurses. It's not my fault that they no longer have a job in the sex industry. Why the hell don't they wear a proper uniform and why would I want my hair done in what used to be the dungeon.
I am reminded constantly by the brilliant poem "On Children" by Kahlil Gibran, which says "You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you" and you may "Give them love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts, for their souls live in the house of tomorrow"
Provided my soap works from Mirai, I will hopefully enjoy their future successes and life as a happy family.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I used to go on holiday to the glamorous Hotel du Cap, later I went to Maison du Cap my house in Ramatuelle every Summer, now my life is about easy access, a remedial bathroom, with rails and enough towels to wash an elephant at one of the beautiful serene Viva Mayr Altausee.  Everything here is the correct height and no more bending and kneeling. If my doctor had his way,  my maribou bedroom heels would be now replaced with white toweling flip flops. That is for everybody else but me of course, I turn up in my black lingerie. I am sorry I am not going to look remedial and downtrodden.  I was told to go for a walk today and take off my black thick tights and walk on pebbles with my eyes closed, then walk through freezing cold water, letting sunlight to my legs is a rarity, but I need the Vitamin D, it stops depression.
I seem to have the ability to  silence the patrons as I walk past in La Perla underwear outerwear.  Some say I was once on the cover of Playboy Magazine, others that I am a socialite, neither are true, but infamy rules . The reality is that this week I am trying to get Nancy Reagan thin, who incidentally wore cable knit pullovers to augment the arms to a normal size.  I want the black shadows under my eyes as I get emaciated.  Having felt starved for the last three days there are luckily good hotels in the vicinity who allow me to have the odd espresso to keep me going.
Really what I want to learn next is twerking but I would also need a giant bottom to be any good. It's the new must-have in California and judging by the Kardashian's curves, it gives you guaranteed success. You can purchase one also in London at the fabulous office of my old friend, Dr. Sebagh, where you can have your rump delicately pumped up with gel, plus you can get anything else you like improved too. He is a magician with the needle. However, have they thought what  the skin will look like, Bad enough when your lips looked like pork sausages, but a huge bottom and skinny legs. Imagine what it will look like at sixty.
 It seems we humans all want to be controlled by Aliens with Pokemon games and look like them, too. Aldous Huxley said that we would enjoy being taken over? Well, it looks like it is happening?

I have been told by a friend today that the only thing I lacked to be a  Dominatrix is the kinky, wet look thigh length,  boots with a channel down the sides for a riding crop made for kicking and hitting. I am informed that I have a Ph.D. in Manipulation. Charming.  The heels must be so high that they come with a health warning saying that I could get vertigo. With the thought of this, the room goes round and round and I need anti-nausea medicine. I need virtual reality goggles nowadays so that everything looks a bit more natural and normal.

Now I must get back to "InfoWars" and see when The End of the world is coming so I can get prepared, and watch the next episode of the Clinton/Trump saga, which is proving more entertaining than anything else. With Hillary's assistant being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, her emails, The Clinton Foundation scandal on top of Hillary croaking from Parkinsons, the supposed murders around them and Donald Trump the only person turning up to help those in Louisiana, what his hairdo will be like today, and his tax returns. The race continues but not through mainstream media as they always seem to get it wrong nowadays and are so only into Hillary that makes me raise my eyebrows as to balanced press/media. After all, Hillary has enough evidence against her, to supposedly land her in jail, only the Clinton's seem above the law?. Therefore, there is nobody better to listen to than Alex Jones, who enjoys terrifying the chocolate eater Clinton on an hourly basis, as the Grandma avoids being interviewed at all costs.  Before you all cry that I am a right-wing fanatic hold your horses, I am not, but I am a seeker of truth and the big "C's" look dead dodgy to me.  Today as I was chatting at the clinic telling my doctor all the latest election gossip he said to me "Which channel was I listening too" I said "The one that amuses me the most"

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

As I return to my past in London I realise that everything through Globalisation and political correctness looks like a run down Macdonalds, full of fat blobs fed on too much sugar, looking like an over ripe tomato with missing seams. Their brains fed with chips which they think come from Macdonalds too and not from a potato. People feel that subsidies are their right and pride is a sin.  So you know a potato is not a couch potato but a green beautiful plant.  Most people would not realise that the potato is from the Nightshade Family as is their Tomato ketchup. It is alkaline and the best food for the human in its original clean state. I am fed up seeing too much flesh on the high street with fat midriffs, where women stretch a size 12 dress over a size 18, or in the worst scenario a beautiful girl in the inappropriate kit looking like a hooker. Sophia Lauren is a hot tomato obviously handled by the right people.

Chewing gum art by Ben Wilson

The problem with friends when you wish to change or grow from a negative point to a positive point is that they feel threatened by not being your enabler, your fat enabler, your drink enabler, your spending enabler, in case you won't like them. When you wish to throw down their control they feel uncomfortable. They will defend where they stand, regardless if you wish to change yourself.
There are exemplary people who do their best for other people, unfortunately, there are too many bottom feeders who fill their lives up with someone else's, and afterwards act like the victim.
We have definitely become "Tomato ketchup"  people easily served in a plastic tomato with grubby fingerprints all over it, having been handled by all. It makes a nasty sound when you get it out. 
I walked along the Chelsea Embankment with little front gardens with beautiful trees and Stephanotis climbing over the railings and then I came to council area. Just because people live in rented accommodation and have no regard for the fabric of their building, since they are only going to be there ten minutes, does not mean that you need to festoon the gardens with used syringes and condoms and lumps of dried up dog shit and chewing gum. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan can see I am sure that London needs a very good clean. If we as individuals got out on the pavement and cleaned it and did our part, picking up rubbish and watered the hanging baskets, London would feel a lot happier, a walk along the road less precarious. I say clean our patch.

This should be our individual's responsibility,  not an organisation's,  and equally our health our business too. What about if when we felt ill, we got a blood test and then went to the doctor on the NHS it would be a hell of a lot quicker?. Let's take some pride in our appearances, our health, our behaviour and the places where we live in and think about others. Let's decorate the chewing gum by artist Ben Wilson.  I have to go now as sadly I have to scrape off my shoes.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This Summer I decided not to travel abroad, why? The weather is good here and I have many family obligations. It was made easy by a wonderful invitation to visit the small coastal village in Helford,  Cornwall.  I flew down, spending time with the brilliant writer, Frederick Forsyth and his feisty wife Sandy, talking about politics and the state of the world, whilst reading his book "The Outsider" in paperback. 
I have enjoyed August in England and cannot believe it. You do not have to travel in overcrowded aeroplanes to have fun on beaches,  around Europe, it is packed and mostly unpleasant. I discovered the stunning coast of Cornwall visiting Daphne du Maurier's romantic ideal, Frenchman's Creek . I visited St Mawes by boat having drinks on the beautiful terrace of the Relais Chateau Hotel called Idle Rocks. It was full of chic looking people in Guernsey pullovers and jeans. Brown faces and no makeup. The most useful piece of clothing over the last few days was the bomber jacket. So fashionable this season.  I lived in my Saint Laurent black one with white trim. I also loved the jacket from Zara. I positively hate jeans but found the best pair was from Missguided for ten pounds were infinitely more comfortable than the more expensive pair I bought. Yes, the bomber jacket was loved and I lusted after Sandy's beautiful embroidered one she found at M&S.  The Forsyth's were stimulating company.

AT THE IDLE ROCK, St Mawes WITH Frederick Forsyth

I have had time to listen to the endless transcripts surrounding Benghazi which are stimulating, studying the messy world of politics. I also managed to see the contemporary  production of Jesus Christ Superstar by my good friends Tim Rice and Andrew Loyd Webber. Brilliant and moving I felt I had intimate moments with Jesus himself. Wonderful dancing and singing, this is a night to remember in Regent's Park Theatre, amongst nature the stage came alive. I went with besties Inesa and Barrington de la Roche and danced through the woods in the rain. 

Millie Brown Artist with Amanda Eliasch and Gavino Di Vino photograph by Inesa de la Roche.

I also went to an incredible one-man show written by the talented youthful Gavino di Vino which is about to go to Edinburgh. Sixty minutes of witty commentary. The show "Auntie" demonstrates the diversity of London life, brilliant musings from the outrageous  Gavino. The disappointing moments when his Aunt first arrived in England. A natural snob who is politically incorrect. Beautifully styled in a graceful flat. Auntie talks non-stop horrified by the lack of class and integrity of the people around her. Gavino portrays the life of his Aunt and her son. The piece explodes with colour and imagination. It is a total must see.
He will be starring in Edinburgh at Chalky's from the 17th-27th.
Frenchman's Creek

Gavino Di Vino in Auntie


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